Monday, 24 January 2011


Again sorry about the upload dates but i've been a little busy thsese past few weeks!, in this blog post i'd like to show you a few images taken in the New Forest and my Local beach Highcliffe. The images were taken in the theme of Romanticism, this was a college task and i enjoyed doing it!.

Kit used include..

-Nikon D300s
-Sigma 10-20mm HSM
-Cokin Nd8 Graduated Filter
-Cokin ND 4 Graduated Filter
-Velbon tripod

The Fashion shoot for Maisie (8th January 2011)

Here's a few shots from another shoot i had to do for college. They involve me and a close friend on a day in Christchurch shooting pictures most the day and ending up in a cafe, (This is my first time shooting fashion so they may not be up to scratch!) hope you enjoy the shots!

The kit mainly used included.....

-Nikon D300s
-Nikon Sb600 speed light on TTL
-Nikon 50mm F1.8
-Sigma 10-20mm HSM
-Variety of Cokin Nd Graduated filters

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Contrasting colours

Today was the day i chose to do my shoot for college, the topic is "colours" and i chose to shoot some images showing complimentory colours, it went reasonably well being as it felt -123 Degreese.

Id say that the one thing that really helped me was the Cokin Nd8 Graduated filter... thank god


Hello everyone, here's my first attempt at blogging so dont expect anything amazing!. I was inspired to start blogging by Dom Bower photography due to the fact that he made a video telling me how to get seen!. Hope you enjoy viewing well... nothing at the moment but get following me and ill be sure to edit my blog. laters!!!