Friday, 4 March 2011

Photoshop Comparison

Here are two versions of the same image, one that has been photoshopped (the brighter one) one that hasnt. The reason i have done this is firsty because my cousin tried lightening up an image of mine from flickr and succeded, heres how i got on at doing another one.

Below you can see the Un-photoshopped image of the rock pools... this image has had very minor photoshop work done to it such as levels and brightness/contrast adjustments.

Underneath this you can see the photoshopped image, the rocks in the foreground have been lightened up using Levels and Curves and the sky has been lightened and darkened in places using Dodge & Burn and
Colour balance. When lightening/darkening i used the Magic wand tool to adjust the brightness seperately.

This post was mainly here to show how easy it is to adjust any under or over exposed images using very minor photoshop adjustments.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


As you may be aware i've spent the past few weeks in the Canaris island of Tenerife, unfortunatly i havent been shooting many pics this year due to the surf!! however the island holds many picturesque landscapes and unusual buldings ect. Last year i purchased the Nikon D300s (of which im still paying off) and this has been the first time using it propperly out of my comfort zone; and i must say its a treat to work with!. The camera works soo well under low light, you can boost the Iso levels right up and not notice much Noice level and the colours that the camera brings out are increddible!