Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Snowdonia - North Wales

Hey everyone, Last weekend i went away on a trip to Snowdonia (North Wales) with some friends and two mountain leaders. During the stay in Wales we didn't have much time becuase of the Giant! drive up there, however i was able to shoot pictures all weekend of everything and anything!!.
Snowdonia is the first Mountainous Range that I've properly walked in other than the Peak district, and i must say that the place is truly incredible.You can walk all day and turn round every 10 minutes or so and there will be a completely different image due to the ever changing weather conditions on the mountains.
The first day there we hiked to the top of Snowdon, the largest mountain in Wales. Snowdon stands strong at 1085Meters above sea level that's about 3500ft.
On the second day we walked not to the top, but around Devils Kitchen, Another Large mountain. Unfortunately we were unable to make it to the top because we were so short on time!, truly gutting.
If there's one thing that i learnt last weekend it would be that the Nikon D300s coped incredibly well with the Harsh weather. Rain, Wind, Sleet and sometimes very cold air it tackled them all and came out fine, Very pleased.

But thats enough of me jabbering on about the climate and mountains, here's the images that i was able to shoot in the short space of time, hope you enjoy them!!!

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